sitting at immergent waiting for our gathering to start on this day before resurrection sunday! its gonna be great! we should be outside…it is so gorgeous out!

the kids and i hung out at home until about noon then we ran a few errands. lay’s glasses need adjusted…AGAIN! we got a slat  to replace one that is broken on our fence in the backyard. i hope i got the right size. we also got a air filter – home depot is the only place that carries the size we need so we picked that up too! we also had to skip to heb for a few supplies and groceries. by the time we were headed downtown i need something iced from starbucks! you should have heard my kids…they wanted my iced carmel machiato! they were so impatient for a sip!!! spoiled kids! 🙂

we saw a car on fire on the way here. the kids saw it fully engulfed in flames and the fire fighters putting it out. we drove through the smoke and they thought that was cool. layla also prayed for safety for those at the scene!

jordan and rolly are playing their guitars…sounds real nice.

i’m going to get some iced tea and chill for a few minutes before the gathering starts.

tomorrow is a busy day. the kids and i have to leave the house by 8am to drive to sienna to help with worship service there. they have major easter festitives planned and i think we will be there for awhile. after that we will be headed to grammy and tata’s for an easter egg hunt and i don’t know what all… hoping its a great day. we will miss geoffrey as he has to work… 😦 he got up early so we could do easter baskets with the kids this morning before work. they were so cute! they also found an egg this morning, which means both chickens are now laying. yay! layla commented on how great it was to get an egg on the morning seeing it was easter time. (most times we find an egg in the afternoon) i wonder if both chickens will start laying the same time of day? that would be really nice ladies if you could do that! maybe we should speak to leah and tianna about it. layla now picks them up herself and carries them to and from the cage. tata called her the ‘little farmer’ tonight! 🙂

ok, time for some iced tea. i pray you all enjoy your easter weekend as we celebrate the wonderful cross! a cross where the savior died so we could live…eternally! hallelujah what a savior!!!!!!! ‘how great is the love the father has lavished on us that we should be called the children of god!’ lavished…man! i love that word. do you feel lavished with love?


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