my son was yelling, ducking and running away from something that i realized was a chicken trying to get out of the cage. of course he had opened the top and since it wanted out, it just hopped up on the top edge…and FREAKED seamus out! HA! silly, silly boy!

so, yet again, i find myself transporting our 2 chickens, leah and tianna back to their coop/hen house. so i put the first one in, which i think was leah(with the more while on her tail). when i came back with tianna, leah was already in the hen house sitting her the nest. she is so is gonna lay an egg. we are now up to 2 eggs a day. did i tell ya that already? anyway…

chickens are so funny and interesting…never thought i would say it! most of you know i grew up on a diary farm where we did raise chickens. but, we raised  a lot more than 2 and i don’t remember any of us watching them eat, starch in the yard, and do all the things chickens do. now, i do remember by dad watching the cows eat! but, they were the money makers and more time, money and energy was put into them than a brood of smelly chickens!

leah is smaller. she feel a bit scrawny and tianna feels more plump. you know one egg is bigger than other and i think that is tianna’s. i remember talking to my sister last week and half the time we talked was about chickens: their ways, their poop!! ‘what is wrong with us!’ i was thinking!! HA! geoffrey talks to the chickens. i don’t.

the kids love the chickens. they fight over who gets to check for eggs, who gets to get it out of the crate/nest, and who gets to carry it into the house! since lay had a long weekend we let her have more turns.

well, geoffrey just arrived home from golfing. he is home for a few hours then he is off to the airport. he is going to VA with a couple guys learning a new trade in the financial world. he isn’t leaving nursing but something new to try and do on the side. we will miss him lots.


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