little boys..

oh, little boys! i never knew life would be so wonderful, precious, hilarious, challenging… goodness i love seamus to the moon and back like a zillion times! or wait, isn’t the sun farther away? yeah then to the sun!

he is so cute and so sharing and sweet today! most days when it is just he and i at home he is so good! the battles are few. i love how he talks to me in his cute little 3 year old voice..i hope his soon to be 4 year old voice is just as cute!!! today he was sharing his much loved sunbutter sandwich with me. he wanted another but told him he needed to eat something else first. he said, ‘like what?’ i said, ‘like banana, apple or baby orange.’ he said he wanted a baby orange so i peeled one for him. he came back to me, while i was working on the budget, and asked for another. he shared a few pieces of both with me. i love when he is so kind and sharing and thoughtful. i really wanted to keep working on the budget and not get distracted but he kept asking me to go play with him in his room. too often i find myself telling him, ‘in just a few minutes’…more than once. so, i stopped and went and half laid in his tent i had made for him earlier! ‘that’s ok if you don’t fit mommy’ he says to me!! so, i laid with him a bit and he chatted about this and that and told me not to close my eyes! i read a book to him before we got out.

we went outside to put the chickens back in their coop before it rained. he brought his rifle out and shot a bird or two! he said he shot a chicken too as i was carrying it back to the coop! (speaking of a chicken, i can hear one squawking…must be laying an egg!)

it is so funny how if i word things differently seamus responds better. for instance above how i gave him the option of which fruit. he didn’t whine a bit and picked one. now, if the fruit selection was low and i offered one thing he would have whined. some mornings lay eggs for breakfast before school. this morning i asked her if she wanted some and told her there were chicken eggs (meaning the ones our chickens laid) and she liked the sounds of it. but she said to me, ‘only if i can crack them in a bowl’! HA! so, she did and did an excellent job! after seeing them in the bowl she picked out the one she liked best. i asked seamus if he wanted some chickens eggs with layla (often he doesn’t eat breakfast early with her of whines about the choices he has) so, he thought for a minute and said ‘sure’! if i would have just offered ‘eggs’ i bet he would have said ‘no’! if i want him to eat eggs i have to just make them, put them on the table and call him to come eat. such a silly kid!

lately he has been NOT liking dirty hands. he is washing them constantly. i mean the kids can play outside for long time and not come in in wash his hands unless instructed to. if he eats something he complains about them being dirty. if they are sticky…watch out! you’ll have to refill the soap the next day! HA! today, every time he has come back into the house he asks ‘should i wash my hands?’

i just love him SO much! i cannot believe in a month he will be 4!!!!!!! and in the fall going to pre-k two days a week!!!! i’m pretty sure he will be the cutest 4 year old boy there! 😉

before i go – here is a food rule! now, seamus and layla would NOT agree with this rule. they are always asking to stop at the ‘v store’ meaning valero, the gas station just outside our neighborhood. they like getting slushies, cheetos or white powder donuts. we haven’t been in sometime and each time they ask i respond ‘no’ and talk about how there isn’t really healthy food there!


with the exception of milk, water… “gas stations have become ‘processed corn stations:’ ethanal outside for your car and high-fructose corn syrup inside for you. don’t eat there!”


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