cleaning schedule & welch’s

first of all…there is nothing like welch’s 100% grape juice! every once in a while i buy it and try really hard not to drink it all in one day! we eat more fresh fruit than fruit juice. well, maybe except for seamus who still loves his apple juice even thought i dilute it over 50%. the kid  doesn’t even know! we are working getting him to enjoy ice water more. if i have a glass of ice water he wants a drink of it. if i give him a cup of it – he whines!

so, i wanted to share my cleaning schedule with ya! a friend shared it with a while ago (ok, a few years ago) and i have always kinda had it in the back of my mind but just never really worked on it and printed it out. with summer coming i wanted to be sure to get myself in a good cleaning schedule. lay will be off school and we will be wanting to go to beach, splash pad, park… i have no excuse for not keeping a clean house and sometimes i just don’t do such a great job about it! if you would like me to send you the schedule you can make it your own. email me at and i will be happy to share! (i tried to include in my blog just couldn’t figure out how to do it.)



  1. MOM said,

    April 8, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Aren’t you industrious(diligent)! Sounds great. Hope it works for you. Think I should have this schedule?

    • April 8, 2010 at 12:07 pm

      i hope it works too! i like checking things off so, i included some little boxes to check off the monthly tasks! 🙂
      i will send to you! maybe dad will check a few things off for you..?

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