a food rule

this is one i have been trying out lately (but not always on the weekend).


rather than enjoying a big supper i try to eat more during the day. i can’t really eat like a king in the morning…often i am not that hungry but i make myself eat something. i find if i skip breakfast i am making up for it all day! so far i have been doing good about not eating a big supper. most people are less active as the day wears down so the more you eat later in the day the more you are less likely to burn off. i have also been doing pretty good with the ‘no sweet, no seconds, no snacks except on a day that begins with ‘S’! i’m hoping to keep this up! how about you? anyone trying to follow this rule?



  1. gwen said,

    April 14, 2010 at 10:40 am

    I have been trying this too! I hate eating breakfast…but this past week have been eating Fiber One cereal in the morn…..it’s going ok…but I have to MAKE myself eat it. It tastes good, just not a cereal person~ Now i just need to cut out Sweet Tea!!! HA!

    • April 14, 2010 at 10:52 am

      i got some fiber one cereal and i also eat the total whole grain flakes cereal. sometimes i put fruit in it.

      as far as the sweet tea maybe you can just start by cutting back the sugar (assuming you make it yourself). keep cutting it back gradually and don’t tell anyone!! back a long time ago i switched to light sour cream since we were eating it a lot with our tex-mex food. at first i didn’t like it and could only stand it unless it was mixed half and half with salsa or just a bit on a taco/burrito/enchilada. but, for a long time now i don’t even notice the difference…i even lick the extra off the spoon! the same with cottage cheese. me being a diary farmer’s daughter loves the full fat dairy products and growing up i LOVED cottage cheese and still do! now i buy the 2% and enjoy it!

      i used to always drink my coffee light and sweet. i started trying it with just cream and i wouldn’t want it any other way. sometimes i think we try and just go cold turkey on things and then give up because we don’t like the new way and want all the fat and sugar back because it tastes soooo good! just think about how much healthier it is for you and it mean less calories you feel like you might have to burn…

      there are some exceptions to this rule of buying re-duced fat products. michael pollan has opened my eyes to that. i used to but reduced fat shredded cheese but then i looked at the ingredients…amazing…it had like 15 ingredients!! and one was potato starch or the like…sigh…

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