a very healthy supper for about $10!

tonight for supper we had black bean burgers with mango salsa. (thanks liz!) i follow liz’s blog and find many very cool things! geoffrey, layla and i loved the burgers. seamus ate a half burger minus the mango salsa. he saw me making them and was so dead set against eating them! he was telling me he ‘didn’t like them’ but i pointed out to him he had never HAD them!! we sat down to eat outside at the patio table and i gave him his half. he started in again about how he ‘didn’t like those burgers’ and we told him he had to take a few bites. i told him they tasted kinda like a burrito. (i read how another mom, who posted a review for this recipe, told her kids that.) we were all eating and talking and next thing seamus says is, ‘yeah, i like these burgers!’ and he ate the whole half without complaining! imagine that!?

so, after we had eaten our very healthy supper i started adding up how much it cost. we had the black bean burgers, on the thin buns topped with mango salsa and fresh lettuce from the garden – frozen organic corn – honeydew melon. oh, and i made some homemade ginger lemonade as a treat.

black beans are so healthy – lots of fiber and protein! and thanks to a tip from think liz i have been buying dry beans and cooking them myself rather than buying canned. i bought a bag of dry black beans for i think .62 and i only used half the bag for the 6 burgers i made! (if you want to all the details about our dinner and how much everything cost and health benefits of each thing we ate i would love to share.)

it felt so good! eating healthy and not spending a lot requires planning, thinking, researching, trying new things but so worth it! i am so proud of our family and so thankful i could prepare a wonderful, healthy supper and not spend a lot.

one thing that i want to work more on is eating what’s in season…that’s gonna take work. i’m excited for our garden to start producing us some food!

geoffrey and i rented ‘food inc’ from amazon tonight. if you have $2.99 to spare watch it! go to amazon and check it out. i don’t even know what to say. it was sad, disgusting, eye opening… man! not sure how much meat geoffrey and i will be eating in the near future – seriously! have you watched it?  you should.

most of you know that i grew up on a diary farm. dad, can we go back to those days? the days of living off the farm? there is this farmer, joel salatin. we like him. he rotates his cows everyday to a new pasture. i remember when we did that in the springs/summer and my dad would have all of us be the ‘human fence’! oh, the days… i miss my dad watching his cows eat nice, fresh, green grass. you know cows were created to eat grass. do you also know that beef you get from the grocery store came from cows who i bet have never even seen grass?

well, that is enough for tonight. i leave you with michael pollan‘s #1 food rule – EAT FOOD!

it sounds so easy. but, unfortunately – it’s not!



  1. Elizabeth said,

    April 16, 2010 at 8:29 am

    So glad you enjoyed this recipe! It’s always a good feeling when I find a healthy vegetarian recipe! They seem so difficult to find.

    PBS will be showing Food Inc periodically, so if you’re interested in seeing it again, check your local listings!

  2. July 8, 2010 at 9:07 am

    […] watch a movie and i should do a bit of cleaning and laundry. supper will be leftovers. i made black beans burgers with mango salsa 2 days ago so, geoffrey and i will finish those and the kids can finish the spaghetti. (layla loves […]

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