quinoa and salad dressing

our new favorite thing is quinoa (keen-wah). it is so delicious! a nutty seed that cooks in about 15 mins. i have made this recipe twice in the past week with fresh herbs from our garden! layla loves it and seamus takes a couple bites. (mama smith you should try this recipe. quick, easy and so yummy! get that shoe organizer filled with some herbs! 🙂 ) i just made it again tonight and put some fresh basil in too.

i wanted to share this easy, quick, no-fat salad dressing. we tend to eat lots of salad and i haven’t bought salad dressing in a long time. we do oil and vinegar often. now and then i will make a creamy dressing as geoffrey prefers that. we also enjoy balsamic vinegar.

try this… put the following in a container/jar you can seal and shake up.

balsamic vinegar
honey dijon mustard
fresh grated garlic (or garlic powder)
coarse ground pepper
honey (sometimes i put it in, sometimes not)

sorry, no measurements…just pour, squeeze, shake and taste. add more of any of the ingredients that you like. it is so yummy on a salad topped with chicken breast! (that was my supper last night, yum-o!)


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