weeds, snails and blossoms

looks like another rainy, cloudy day here. after taking lay to school i pulled the weeds from some of the beds in the front yard. they were easy to pull seeing the ground was wet. and seeing things were wet the snails were out! i saw many but only gave one to seamus – he loves his snails. this one lived! oh, and we did see a nasty spider that kept his attention. it had what kind of looked like a white egg on its back end. seamus was thinking it was an egg and he was looking for somewhere to lay it. he wanted to squish it but i didn’t let him. not sure why…

we went out back in the now wet yard to check on the chickens and feed them. i was admiring our cucumber plants once again. they are doing so great and are now all covered with blossoms! the el jefe pepper plants has a bunch of little peppers growing too. (its high yield jalapeno pepper plant) its says they are mature when they turn from green to red…interesting.

my society garlic is also producing some beautiful purple flowers! this rain will do the yard good.

yesterday was not such a productive day at all. i just had one of those days where it was hard to be motivated to do much. well, except put on geoffrey boots and clear the drain in the back yard so some of the water would recede quicker. and then it poured while i was out there. the kids and i watched a movie and i snuggled with lay a bit. i luv her! the kids played the keyboard a bit and danced around and entertained me! that seamus and his dancing…he’s got new moves now. i took a video of him and will try and post it sometime soon.

today requires a trip to the grocery store and laundry. other than that – no plans. looking forward to geoffrey being off today and tomorrow.


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