a sleepless night…


last night was probably the worst night in the life of  being a mom (and geoffrey might think of being a dad). geoffrey and seamus spent half the day (or more) outside doing this and that. seamus had runny nose, itchy eyes and was toting around a tissue. he told me that he had allergies and daddy gave him some benedryl. geoffrey and both of the kids have been dealing with outdoor allergies. seamus got another dose of benedryl and both kids were off to bed shortly after 7pm. well, at about 8:30 semus was talking, yelling, restless…after about 5 times of us checking on him geoffrey brought him out on the couch with us. he was half awake half asleep. the poor boy. we felt so bad for him. he was itching his head, face, neck and asking for more tissues. well, then his nose got sore. try telling a 3 year old sleepy, grumpy, miserable boy not to rub/wipe his nose… he was hungry so at 9pm he was eating pretzel sticks and asking for a drink of milk. i pulled out the sofa bed in the family room and watched movies with him and tried dozing some. the poor boy would just wake up and yell or cry or talk about something. then he was restless for a while before he would fall asleep for little bit then wake up again… this was our night.

benedryl has made him a bit grumpy and miserable before but NOT like last night. this morning he was more congested and has the horrible cough that layla had over the weekend, but thankfully it isn’t constent. i was so tired and just couldn’t wake up seamus to get lay to school (geoffrey wasn’t home because he had to leave for work before 6:30am). i was already pulling her out today for part of the day for a dentist appointment they both have in 2 hours. i hope it’s a good visit considering…

i’m praying for a much better night tonight! it was so hard seeing him so miserable and there wasn’t much we could do. sometimes he wanted held, other times he didn’t want to be touched. oh, and then there was the time at about 2am that he threw his cup of water on the bed…it was kinda funny. despite how exhausted i was i laughed instead of got angry…thank you jesus!!


finishing my coffee then getting us ready to do the dentist. a nap sounds SO much better…



  1. April 20, 2010 at 10:34 am

    update – lay’s glasses are broke so we are headed to get them fixed before the dentist. luckily, it’s on the way! 🙂

  2. jenilee said,

    April 20, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    poor seamus:( i hate nights like this…hope you get a nap in!!

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