my buddy and dentist report

seamus is my little buddy this morning. he wants me to hold him, sit by him although if/when he is throwing up he doesn’t want me to talk or touch him. he just wants me in the room with him. i luv him!! we didn’t have such a great night sleep last night but better than the other night! he is coughing this morning and still congested. he says his belly hurts and i think it must be from the coughing. he has been giving me lots of kisses and telling me he loves me! he often likes to grab my face and speak right into my ear, ‘i love you mommy!’. only he doesn’t always whisper! πŸ˜‰

he has been so cute. until yesterday when i would tell him it was time to brush his teeth he would whine about it. well, yesterday on the way home from the dentist he said when he got home he wanted to brush his teeth. (he even opened up his toothpaste on the way home to check it out) he was upset with me when i decided to go by the coffee shop for another pound of fresh roasted coffee. he wanted to get home and get his teeth brushed!!Β he was ready long before bedtime to brush them again! first thing this morning he wanted to brush them. it must have something to do with the sponge bob toothpaste he got from dr. lewis’ office! πŸ˜‰

the kids were so good at the dentist and i was so proud of them. the dental staff was just wonderful and they treated us like they had known us for years! they have policy where if kids stop sucking their thumbs dr. lewis give them toyrus money! so, lay got a $5 gift card.

lay has a bit of a cross bite but no worries about it at this point since her mouth has lots of growing to do. she did have some stains on her teeth that aren’t uncommon and lots of kids just grow out of it. she has 4 new permanent molars which we knew about as they bothered her coming in. dr. lewis suggested sealers and when i was talking to lay about it she looked at me and said, ‘i don’t want gold teeth!’. i told her i was pretty sure they weren’t gold. ‘are they silver?’, she said? i assured her they were white just like her teeth and help her to not get cavities in the grooves of her teeth like seamy. seamus has one cavity on one of his molars that he won’t loose until he is about 12 so, he will need get that taken care of. dr. lewis assured me it would be an easy quick fix. she said she will give him some pain med to drink and take care of it right quick. i hope so! so, we go back in the beginning of may to take care of seamy’s ‘sugar bug’.

well, despite how tired seamy and i are, i sure hope we have a good day. i have lots to do around here and i wish of the things i had to do today a nap was one. seamus just doesn’t nap hardly at all anymore. i might try and lay down with him later. off to get the day going…


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  1. April 21, 2010 at 11:30 am

    seamus has probably asked me 10 times if he can brush his teeth. at point this morning he got upset about something i said. he then said to me, ‘i’m brushing my teeth and going to bed’ as he marched off (literally)! LOL! luv him ❀

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