another great weekend!

man…where have i been? i’m back now to tell you about another great weekend we had. geoffrey was off all weekend and that always makes it wonderful!

friday he wanted to take the glass to the recycling center so we did that. then he wanted to buchanan’s, his favorite place in all of houston! i have been wanting a nice variety of cactus so while we were there he wanted me to pick some out for an early mother’s day present. the kids love cactus! we haven’t found the right container for them yet so, they are outside by the front door and the kids keep asking to go look at them! we’ll see if i can keep cactus alive inside. we of course picked up some other plants while we were there. we got a few more pepper plants and some kentucky colonel mint and some grapefruit mint. yum! they had about 4 other varieties of mint there. when we got home geoffrey and seamy worked in the yard. then i was off to get layla. she and i made a quick stop to the grocery then back home so i could start supper. oh, wait – somewhere in our day we stopped at home depot to exchange grout for the bathroom. geoffrey also grouted the bathroom tile.

saturday we got up and all had breakfast together before heading out to the park! it was such a wonderful morning for the park. we came home got lunch, i made homemade ricotta and then we headed off to immergent (church).

sunday late morning we headed up to college station, tx (about 1 1/2 hrs from us) to celebrate cody’s birthday. (cody is geoffrey’ nephew) after lunch we went to doug & gwen’s and had a great visit. then it was home for supper and bed. for supper i whipped up  the recipe i recently saw (from thinkliz) which called for the homemade ricotta. i never knew it was so easy to make. i’ll be making it again. in the recipe i added a bunch of cremini mushrooms and subbed basil for the mint. basil from our garden…yum!

this morning was back to the school week. my morning started by realizing i never emptied out lay’s lunch box on friday so i had a mess to clean up! i pack her milk for lunch and she didn’t drink it all…need i say more? the back pack and lunch box have been washed twice, we’ll see if they survived and can carry her through 5 more weeks of school.

so far i’ve had a productive day. seamus and i are off to run a few errands before we got and pick up layla. i miss her.



  1. Elizabeth said,

    April 26, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    So glad you tried the recipe and liked it! Homemade ricotta is so delicious and so easy! It’s completely worth the time and effort to make. 🙂

  2. April 26, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    so, layla tells me when i pick her up that she forgot her lunch bag outside at recess. we are doing good her with lunch bags around here. i asked if she ate all her lunch. of course not! she didn’t eat all her fresh mushrooms and she only ate half of her turkey sandwich! that’s gonna be fun…at least she had water and not milk. i hope she finds it in the lost and found because it has her good sigg (stainless steel) water bottle in it. of course b/c it wasn’t her normal lunch bag and i was rushing i didn’t put her name on it. 🙂 did i mention it was 103 in the sun while i was waiting in line to get her??

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