quinoa loaf

last night i made quinoa (keen-WAH) loaf for supper. geoffrey found the recipe recently and sent it to me. you might remember me posting a blog a while back about quinoa our new favorite super healthy food. it was so good. i was being cheap and wasn’t going to get the sun-dried tomatoes to put in it as the recipe calls for but i decided to get them. i have never really used them but have gotten dished while dining out that have had them in it. we all liked it but seamus (3).  he did eat a few bites and at one point he told me to ‘take out the peas and the red stuff’ (sun-dried tomatoes). a great vegetarian recipe that’s a bit of work but oh so yummy and healthy. we had salad, broccoli and fruit with it. the recipe called for either chopped fresh parsley or chopped fresh thyme. i went with the thyme from my garden since i have been waiting to use it. check out the recipe here.


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