today i have been thinking about the event leading up to the birth of our baby boy, seamus! tomorrow he turns 4…can’t believe it! it! i love this age when they are so excited for their birthday and when he can’t decide what kind of cupcakes he wants to help me make tomorrow! 🙂 i think the final choice was chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting and sprinkles! seeing we won’t be partying until sunday i decided to make him cupackes. he and daddy have a date in the morning before daddy goes to work.

one this evening, 3 years and 364 days ago we were eating yummy mexican food in vermont. during the night i started having contractions, all in my back just like with layla (5). i think they started early in the morning. it was turkey hunting season and geoffrey had plans to go hunting early that morning. after talking about it we decided it was safe for him to go. i forget if i called and told him the contractions were getting closer or if he just came home in plenty of time. i do remember calling my mother-in-law and her coming to the house to take lay because i told her we would need to be leaving soon.

after an annoying iv in my wrist, back labor yet again, and the pain my wonderful husband and sister saw on my face, i’m pretty sure geoffrey was wishing i opted for the epidural this time! little did we know that, #1 the baby that was finally delivered was a precious baby boy and #2 that he weighed 10 lbs 2 oz!!! yup… we loved the surprise of waiting to find out what we were having. oh, and the not telling our family/friends the names we had picked out! 😉 sorry for the torture…it just adds to the magic of the moment! i remember that big baby boy…and now he is even BIGGER!! tomorrow he is 4 and before i know it summer will be gone and he will be starting pre-k! sigh… he is the most precious thing ever.. EVER! we have many battles and the few days especially have been very challenging but i love him to the moon and back like 5 hundred kazillion billion trillion times!! can’t wait to smooch him by the light of my cell before i go to bed in a few minutes!


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  1. Geoffrey said,

    May 5, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    I thank god every day that I am blessed with such a great family you are to be admired

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