it’s been quite the busy days lately. i keep telling myself i need to blog…

today i spent 4 hours, in a quiet house, making seamy’s shark cake for his birthday party tomorrow! thankfully geoffrey took the kids with him to the houston art car parade (an annual event downtown) so i had nice quiet house. after i did what i could today on the cake i cleaned up a bit quick and then went to the salon to get a pedicure. i knew if geoffrey and the kids got home and i hadn’t left yet i would never get it done so, off i went! a quick stop at the grocery store after and i was home to find my family. i did miss them! they had a great time at the parade. geoffrey and i have been before and seamus went last year with geoffrey’s family because geoffrey and i were at the hospital with layla who had pneumonia. so far this year mother’s day weekend is going so much better!

layla took control of the camera while at the art car parade. i started looking at them on the camera and there were SO many. i will have to go through them and post at a later date. she loves to take pictures.

tomorrow will be another busy day with seamus’ party! he is so cute and i love him!! should be a nice sunny, south texas, spring day! 🙂

happy mother’s day to all you mom’s out there.


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