shots and a gas leak

today started with a 4-year check up for seamus. i remembered from layla’s 4-check up its one that requires lots of shots! come to find out seamus needed 5! he was getting a bit ancy and wanting be done and out of the dr office. after all it was just about a week ago we were there for over an hour! the poor boy, he of course cried and screamed during all – five – shots but, he was manageable and i felt so bad for him. it was over and after wanting to be a held a minute he was ok and asked if ‘we could go now!’ i love him! we got a copy of his immunization chart and our free frosty coupon for wendy’s and we were good – to – go! i asked if he wanted to go into wendy’s or if he wanted to drive thru. of course he picked going in. he even told me he wanted to sit a high table and luckly they had them! (i haven’t been to a wendy’s in months but the frosty was yummy!)

we came home and watered the gardens and i found a little frog that seamus played with. after that we came in, whew it was hot out there!, to make a special dessert for daddy’s birthday tomorrow. well, something was not right with the stove and i was beginning to think it could be leaking gas. i’m still not quite sure the dessert finished baking. i opened up the house and seamus and i went outside for a bit. by the time we came home from picking up lay the smell was gone! now, i’m afraid to use it again. could just be it didn’t light but, it’s not something i really want to try out. we called to have someone come look at seeing i’ve been having problems with one of the burners. i don’t even know how old the thing is. i would really like a new one! thankfully we have leftovers and a birthday date with daddy tomorrow night.


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