happy birthday with a key lime cheesecake!

so, i made this cheesecake for geoffrey’s birthday. (remember my story yesterday about the stove and the gas? well, the cheesecake got baked enough and i was relieved)

geoffrey and i both love lime so i was sure we would love this. but  just to make sure, we had a piece this morning with our iced lattes before school drop off and golf! mmm, mmm, delicious! the only change i made to the recipe was adding coconut to the graham cracker crust as suggested by other viewers. some reviewers were saying there was too much key lime juice but i didn’t believe them and added the full amount. it was perfect. i was going for a nice refreshing, cold dessert and that’s exactly how geoffrey described it.

geoffrey is off golfing with his dad and a friend. for supper tonight he requested we go try a new tex-mex restaurant he has been interested in. the kids and i think it sounds wonderful! and the key lime cheesecake will be delicious dessert to come home to.

i am so thankful and blessed to be sharing another year with my wonderful husband. i love you geoffrey more than i did this morning. more than yesterday and way more than last year. not sure why i was blessed with such an amazing man but i am lovin’ it! happy birthday my love.


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