i’ve been meaning to post some pictures of the chickens and tonight’s the night! seamus now picks them up himself too and it’s rather cute. layla named the chickens leah and tianna. pictures can be found in the ‘around the house’ folder here. as i type they are ‘free ranging’ in our suburban back yard! 🙂 life is good.

oh, and a hummingbird just came to the feeder…again. layla is climbing the vitex tree and seamus has a white moth crawling around him that geoffrey found for him.

AND, geoffrey was just checking on the compost bin. until just recently only the fruit flies had been in the compost bin but geoffrey opened it and notice a big change. the black soldier flies have taken over. there are lots of larva in there now that are making they way out. it’s quite the process and you can check it out here. he simply took a rubbermaid tote we had around and drilled holes so only flies could get in. then with scrap wood he had around he made a ramp around the outside so the larva will climb out and down the tube he inserted. (i think i have this all right?)

i love how resourceful my geoffrey is! he just reported to me that the cucumbers are setting fruit.


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