i think i might have mentioned that geoffrey planted some eggplants in the new beds he made. they are so good looking! i keep admiring them when i walk by them and think about the delicious eggplants i am anticipating. i need to look up more recipes. they grow well here in the heat so we are hoping to harvest a bunch.

geoffrey’s sweet potatoes plants are also on order and i would expect them to arrive soon. he ordered 2 varieties that grow well here. we do love our sweet potatoes and they are a good source of antioxidants! the other thing that grows well here in the heat is okra. we might try them. you can buy them pickled which means i could pickle them, if we get enough. i also don’t mind them in a jambalaya or the like so, i could freeze them and preserve that way. we’ll see… you just never know.

last night we took geoffrey out to a new tex-mex restaurant he has wanted to try. after a full day of golf he was hungry!  it was a nice, breezy evening to sit out on the patio while the kids played on the playground. i had spinach and mushrooms enchiladas that were made with fresh spinach and mushrooms, otherwise i wouldn’t have got it. it was yummy. layla picked cheese enchiladas – her new fav. seamus of course picked the cheeseburger as it was the first thing i read off the list! geoffrey got the special which was beef fajitas and some bacon wrapped shrimp that were stuffed with jalapenos and other stuff i think. it came with a spicy salsa/sauce – he loved it! OH, and geoffrey noticed a lady near us who got out her dave ramsey envelopes when it was time to pay! we spoke to her and told me we like her envelopes and had some of our own. 🙂 that’s the first time we have seen someone else using them while we were out. she said she had noticed people in the area using them. (we were at vida loca near kingsland & mason)

check out some new garden pictures here.


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