so proud!

i am so proud of myself! while i was sweeping the kitchen floor i remembered the leftover homemade frosting that i saw in the fridge earlier today. i was feeling VERY tempted to eat some. i kept telling myself not to do it. it was a bad idea and i knew it. but i really wanted some! bad.

i stopped sweeping. got the frosting out the fridge. got a spoon. AND i scooped it right in the TRASH!!!!!! this is such an accomplishment for me. you have no idea! me, a spoon and cold leftover frosting from the fridge – a bad mix! i actually prefer it from the freezer when it’s a bit frozen and cold and delicious! i was SO proud of myself that i threw it away without even one tiny bite! 🙂

(while was typing this layla was reading the title and asked wanted to know if i wrote ‘so proud’ because i was writing about when she was swinging today at the park all by herself for like 10 mins! she usually asks to be pushed and we do but today she got on and started swinging right away. i love her!!)


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