days off…

i love when geoffrey has days off. especially when we are running around houston doing this and that. yesterday was a great day which started with geoffrey and seamus working in the backyard some. then we headed to freebirds for some delicious lunch! thanks to a coupon geoffrey, seamus and i all ate lunch for $13 and were pleasantly filled. then we headed to ikea to do some window shopping/price checking. i think we found a vanity for our bathroom – yay! after that we headed to one of geoffrey’s favorite places – wabash feed & seed store and antiques. we can kill some time there just looking around!. he got some okra and watermelon seeds.

after geoffrey picked up layla from school he and the kids planted the sweet potato plants that came the other day along with the new seeds he got. i called them in for supper and then enjoyed a nice evening at home. geoffrey and i tried to catch a glimpse of the ISS passing by but we didn’t see it. tonight is suppose to be a better viewing so i think i might try again.

last night geoffrey and i were out on the back patio enjoying the evening and while we were out there i noticed the big dipper was directly above us! it was a great way to end a wonderful day.


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