happy birthday!, peaches, surprise, update

seamus is still asking me to sing ‘happy birthday’ when i tuck him in at night! (his birthday was 5/6) he is  too cute and love him. once i sang it with some triplet kisses thrown him and now that’s the only way he wants it! i LOVE him! ❤

today was a busy day in the kitchen. canned some peaches then i cooked down the peels and made a ‘peach honey’. never done that before but figured it was worth a try. the kids love honey so i bet they will be surprised when i offer them ‘peach honey’.

then i decided i should make my wonderful husband a peach pie which is his favorite. he’s working today so i figured it would also help pass the time. i like him much more than i like him gone. we’ve been talking a lot about layla being almost done with kindergarten. we signed the kids up for swimming lessons mainly for safety  and seamus, not understanding the concept of time, is asking a lot when it’s time to take swimming lessons. he knows it will happen after layla is done with school but then we go and pick her up everyday ‘when she is done with school’! 🙂 next week is her last full week!! i can’t believe it… geoffrey and i have been working on planning something fun for us all to do. she has done such a great job in school and we wanted to reward her with a bit of fun! i think our final idea that we’re going with is the children’s museum. we have yet to go…not sure why we are going. they are running a membership special so we are going to get that and then it will be another place the kids and i (and daddy when he’s off) can go. if we go 3 times in the next year we will have paid for it. we might to the discovery green park as well. it should be a fun day! it’s still a surprise so don’t tell the kids. (shhh…) well, for those of you who geoffrey, he can’t keep many surprises. we’ll see how long he lasts…

hoping for a nice quiet day at home tomorrow until it’s time to go to immergent (church).

oh, an update on the homemade laundry detergent. i made a double batch and it appears to be working great! i am waiting for dirty clothes to wash so i can see how it does with that. but, after using borax today (which is 1 of the 3 ingredients) i am sure it will do great. i scrubbed the sink and stove with borax and they have never shined so much! i also read about sprinkling some in your dishwasher so i tried that, seeing it ran twice today, and i could tell the difference. i was beginning to think i needed to try a new dishwasher detergent. oh, and you know how they say to clean your coffee maker with some white vinegar? well,  read a suggestion of using it in your dishwasher rather than little $3-$4 bottles of rinse. but, seeing i am using the borax i don’t need the vinegar as well.

i’ve been wanting to make homemade dish soap and dishwasher detergent but i need to do a little more research on where i can get the products i need and how they are going to cost me.

whew, that’s enough for now. going to try and go to bed early. wish me luck!


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