the best salad. ever!

oh my…boy am i glad i made that quick hour trip out yesterday to run errands. one of them to the grocery store for a few ingredients i needed for this AWESOME salad. i had posted on facebook awhile back that i was looking for salads for the summer that were healthy and not laden with oils or mayo. well, i found one and can’t wait to make it again. the only change i made to this was adding chickpeas to make it a bit more filling. i will be making this greek style zucchini salad again. today! you must check it out. at first i was leery of the dill/mint combo. i made it up quick in the afternoon and geoffrey and i tried it and loved it. we  came home about 6 hours later and it was even better!  yum. yummer. yummy! oh, and i did have some kalamata olives with it.

i need to do some research because i was thrown off by the greek style and the mint & dill. i don’t know a whole lot about greek cooking but i do know i like. so, if this is really a true greek combo i am in love!

so, instead of making that, albeit delicious zucchini bread full of carbs and fat… try this healthy way to use up those zucchinis that can overcome your garden! 🙂


1 Comment

  1. Elizabeth said,

    June 10, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Awesome! I’m going to try this!

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