an indian dish

i had some spinach to use up and so i visited my trusty friend google to search for a new way to prepare it! i landed on this recipe for spinach chickpea curry. i have never made an indian dish before and i was happy with the results. SO many flavors going on in this dish. layla tried it and didn’t like it. i might see if i can get her to try it again. seeing i now have a big thing of indian curry i’d be trying more indian dishes.

i couldn’t find a non red curry paste so i just got some indian curry and just kept adding it until i liked the flavor.(about 4 teaspoons) it didn’t have much spice so i shook a bit of cayenne pepper in. just a bit of heat. i ended up buying soft tofu cause i was worried about it. the soft tofu just kinda blended in. i’ll try the firm next time maybe. i still have block of soft tofu left and i’m not sure what to do with it. other than the curry and soft tofu i followed the recipe. (unusual for me. ha!) there are times when you just have to follow and times when we can just used the recipe as a guide. 🙂


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