i just finished washing the truck a few minutes ago…in the 90 degree heat! thankfully the sun went behind the clouds while most of it was drying so i had very little wiping down to do! yay! i love a clean truck. thankfully i keep on it good so when it’s time to clean it, it just needs a vacuum and quick wipe down on the inside.

i was ready for lunch when i came in and i just had more delicious hummus! SO GOOD! i wasn’t able to purchase any tahini seeing it was processed with peanuts but it’s probably an ok thing. and the only one they had was $6.99 and that just wasn’t in the budget. i search more and see if can find some not processed with peanuts.

i tried to get seamus to try some with me but he wasn’t at all interested. hopefully lay will like it – i’ll give her some when she comes home from school for a snack. so far i have just made a simple one because i want the kids to try it. i use 1 can of chickpeas (but i did buy dry so i will be cooking them up and saving $) about 1 heaping teaspoon of cumin, juice from half a lemon, sea salt, good sized clove of garlic, few shakes of cayenne and oh maybe 1/4 cup or less of olive oil. i also save some of the liquid from the chickpeas because it is too dry without it.

this time i got a nice strong olive oil and its so good. it’s perfect drizzled on top of the hummus with some basil or oregano chopped on top- picked from the garden of course.  🙂 i might have some more!


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