holiday weekend look back


sharing my iced latte with my boy! (4) he loves them and i have to drink them quick because he keeps asking for more! no problem for me though, any iced coffee beverage doesn’t last long in my hands!

yesterday was a great memorial day – a day spent on/by the water which is probably the best way to celebrate! we took a drive to lake conroe with geoffrey’s family. his mom had gotten a pontoon boat reserved from 4pm-8pm. we had planned on going to a park on the lake before but when we saw the LONG lines of cars waiting to get in we decided to just head the marina and have our picnic there. it was a great choice! we hung around the marina for a few hours eating, talking, fighting of fire ants, throwing a football, walking the marina then it was time to get on the boat! the kids were so excited and they LOVED it. their first boat ride. geoffrey, his dad, and brother all jumped in the lake when grammy stopped the boat the first time and the kids were right behind them. the kids had so much fun jumping in and i was so glad they weren’t whimps like me and were having fun in the lake. the lake was rater choppy and it made for hard swimming for the guys especially as the kids need their help too. they  were such troopers and i think we stopped the boat 3 times so they could swim. after hitting some choppy water a bunch of water splashed on the boat which the kids LOVED but we quickly realized the front of the boat was taking on more, and more water!! the quick thinking guys moved to the back of boat and all was right again! we decided 2 adults up front was just the right amount of weight! 🙂 whew… that was not fun! the guy at the boat rental did say that during the weekend the lake is rather choppy. i would have preferred a quieter lake! lake conroe is actually a manmade lake and i think it rather large. it is also houston’s water reserve. thanks grammy, tata, jojo and emi for a fun memorial day!

sunday was a busy, tiring day. the kids and i were up and out of the house by 8am to drive down to sienna family fellowship where i lead worship. we stopped off to see daddy at work after. we then headed downtown were we met tata so i could drop off the keyboard. a stop at the grocery store for things we needed for the picnic by the lake then we were home. the kids watched a movie and i joined them and caught a cat nap. i was so tired!

saturday we……what did we do? immergent (church) was in the afternoon. i think i just did laundry and stuff around the house before it was time to go.

geoffrey is off today and lay too. she skipped school. i tried waking her up this morning and she just wasn’t having any of it! so, i thought since everyone else was sleeping i would just go back to bed too. she is off right now with her daddy on a little date. geoffrey had promised her a donut date before school but, seeing she wasn’t waking up and he was up a lot with seamus in the night i just couldn’t drag the both of them out of bed! seamus was dealing with a stuffy/runny nose yesterday and it was getting worse while were driving home from the lake. it was interrupting his sleep so geoffrey and he slept on the sofa bed and had night of interrupted sleep and movies. poor boys! layla didn’t complain about missing school and didn’t mind their donut date was a late morning date. geoffrey also needed to go sign up for a master gardener class that he just found out is starting next week i think. he was hoping he could still get in and sent me a text a bit ago saying he was in! he is very excited and so am i that he can do this. it is put on by texas A&M university. in all in gardening research he has gotten lots of help from them. in the summer they do a more condensed master gardener class where they have classes every week, two days a week (8:30-2:30) for like 8 weeks. usually they have class once a week for like 12 or more weeks. he was so excited to get in! it will be so great for him and in turn our family!


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