our layla bree

well, that’s it. she done. our layla finished kindergarten! i told her today i was happy and sad…she said she was too! i love her! you have to check out these two pictures of her. (i decided to add more pictures so there’s more than 2.)

grammy and tata joined us at lay’s school for her little awards program. all the kindergarteners sang a couple of songs and danced then we went to her classroom. the teacher handed out their awards. after she had envelopes for the parents to keep the award/certificate in so it would stay nice. as she was calling out the kids names for the parents to come get them i was surprised at the number of kids that didn’t have parent/family there! i bet maybe a little under half of them had no one. i felt a little sad for them. for some of these kids it was  great accomplishment and one they had to work very hard at! mrs. lee (lay’s teacher) was saying how they had a rough year with so much stuff to learn but they did a great job! they are expected to read at level 2 and do quite a bit of 1st grade work as well. here these kids worked all year and prepared a cute little program and some were all alone. just made me sad… i’m glad lay had her family there!

lay has been saving money for a new bike. we told her if she saved some by doing jobs we would chip in and get her one. we’ve been talking about it for awhile and i decided today was the day to get it! i went and picked one up (already assembled for free) before she got out of school. she tried it out after we got home from picking her up today. she’s pretty cute!


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