the children’s museum of houston

we have always wanted to go to the children’s museum but i waiting for a our kids to get a bit bigger. we are so glad we went (and got the family membership on special for $60 a year and gets 3 people in free all year! i know there are 4 of us but the kids an i will probably end up going a lot this summer.) in thinking of places to go, things to do to celebrate lay’s kindergarten accomplishments geoffrey and i came up with the plan for visiting the children’s museum. the kids had SO much fun! being a place for kids we just let them go and do what they’d like…that always works best!

before we went there we dropped daddy off for his dr. appt/check up. seamus, layla and i visited lots of floors on the scrulock and smith towers in the texas medical center! we walked the cross walk a few times.  rode escalators 3 times i think. we were hungry and thirsty and ate our lunch on the way to the museum. boy, we sure did need to eat and drink cause the children’s museum requires lots of energy!

despite geoffrey and i being tired and he not feeling well we decided to stick to our plans of going out to supper. so thankful we did so i didn’t have to come back home and cook. instead with a full belly from delicious fuddruckers i can get this blog done. geoffrey is sleeping on the couch, the news is on and the kids are in the family room watching tv.

i’ve posted pictures from our day here.


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