tomorrow is day 4 of swimming lessons. the kids have so much fun and i love watching them! seamus had hard time finding his teacher the first 2 days. he has ms. hillary and lay has mr. rudy.

tomorrow is the 2nd master gardener class for geoffrey which he is loving! he said there are about 40 people in the class. there are a handful that are about his age wanting to learn how to garden for food and sustainability and better our earth. the rest want to be better rose gardeners or better landscapers. i am so happy he gets to finally do this.

tomorrow lay will finish painting her birdhouse. she wants to add pink polka dots to her orange and green design. once the polka dots dry they will get a sealer and ready to find a spot in the yard.

tomorrow i need to get some cleaning done!

tomorrow we are heading to the co-op after supper to pick up our share. some good summer fruit are anticipated. like maybe cherries, blueberries, melons and nectarines!!! and sweet corn which lay loves. i saw a recipe for corn salad using the sweet corn raw which i might try. looks and sounds so yummy.

that’s enough for tomorrow. 🙂


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