i learned lots of interesting things about pineapples today. geoffrey had his second master gardener class today and learned lots about pineapples.

did you know that a pineapple bush only produces 1 pineapple every other year?? isn’t that crazy? now you understand why they can cost so much! and their bush is big so you need lots of space.

florida used to be the leading producers of the pineapple but a long time ago (like 10+ years) they got some disease and then hawaii became the leading producer of the sweet, juicy, delicious fruit!

we can actually grow them down here. we LOVE fresh pineapple and i can’t imagine planting a bush or two and getting one pineapple per bush…every other year!

we just a local organic pineapple again from the co-op. i can’t wait to eat it! the last one was so delicious. it didn’t like quite ripe me but man, it was good!

so, that’s what i know about pineapples right now.

there is one more thing…supposedly if you use the top of the pineapple that you cut off in preparation to eat it it will grow a plant! we might have read up on this and try it! pineapples growing in our yard? sounds heavenly!


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