i am so glad i learned the song ‘o.b.e.d.i.e.n.c.e’ in awana. every time i need to spell that word i just sing it! đŸ™‚

home from immergent (church), kids tucked in bed and thinking about obedience. i was thinking tonight how obedience is something we struggle to learn as a kid and it seems to stay with us throughout life. i’ve also been thinking about diligence lately. man do i need more of that in my life! diligence and obedience kinda go together. when we are obedient it is easier to be diligent i think. i have been noticing that as i become less selfish, obedience is easier. and as a result, being more diligent comes more naturally for me. in my head this all makes sense to me. maybe i am just rambling on…

so thankful that i serve a god who loves me for who i am. he knows all my faults, struggles, but sees me as precious. loved. and he even desires me! why this god of the universe loves me and blesses me is more than i can fathom. relishing in this and feeling humbly blessed to be a child of god.


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