kale chips

hmmmmm….i just had a ‘super snack’. kale (a superfood) when baked with olive oil and sea salt until just crispy is such an amazing snack. the kids loved them too! i am trying really hard not to eat them all. i did one whole bunch of kale. making these kale chips is one of the best uses for kale. i do like making a soup with it but not when the heat index is over 100!

i also cooked up some quinoa and will make a nice cold summer salad with it for supper. just baked some sweet potato fries as well. man, i need to learn to space out these super foods rather than preparing them all in the same day.

the kids and i went to their swimming lessons this morning. after came back and got a snack we did a little craft with clay and leaves. the kids then played with the clay and we ended up making a sail boat (for seamus) and a texas flag (for layla). probably early next week we will paint them.

daddy is at his master gardener class today and we will be very excited when he is back home with us! we miss him so much when he is gone but love days when he comes home early to us. i think today he is in a lecture about soil and learning so much!


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