the mother of all weekends!

man alive! as you can probably tell from the lack of blogging, we have been busy ’round here!

friday was last swimming lesson day. yay! seamus was so proud of his ‘reward’ (certificate). the kids did great. layla swims so well and really wants to dive! seamus did a great job but still have some things to learn before he can swim on his own.

right after swimming lessons the kids and i headed to conroe, tx to moorhead blueberry farm to pick blueberries. not the best time to pick blueberries in the texas summer but they are $1.50 a pound and they had never used pesticides! i wasn’t about to pass up the chance to get my hand on some. so, we headed off with our lunch, sunblock, hats and plenty of water! we weren’t picking very long when i realized i was not going to leave with as many blueberries as i had hoped! the kids did good all in all. took may breaks and seamus found a big tree that of course offered shade that he played under for a while. the heat index was over 100. we (i) picked for over 2 hours and left with 9 pounds of delicious blueberries. moorhead blueberry farm is such a great place. i was so impressed by their operation and how they weren’t taking advantage of the droves of people who come to pick. i mean there is no where around here that i know of where you can pick blueberries for $1.50 a pound and have them be pesticide free! so awesome. as i was paying i noticed a cooler full of bottle water and canned sodas. the soda was 50 cents and the water was 75 cents!! we are going back. i put most of the blueberries in the freezer, we ate a bunch and i saved out enough to bake one pie – which was so scrumptious!! we picked strawberries at king orchard for $3.30 a pound where you have to pay for the cartons they require you to pick in. (moorhead provides buckets for picking and put them in bags for you to take home…all free of charge.) i won’t ever be going back to king’s i don’t think. was no impressed with them at all.

enough about berries…

on saturday i had a cake order. i made a BIG 3 layer chocolate cake for a friend’s birthday! chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, shaved chocolate on top along with broken hershey’s chocolate bar! he asked for a chocolate/chocolate cake and he got one! (i hope it tasted as good as it smelled!)  my kitchen smelled like chocolate. we left at noon to deliver the cake and visit a bit before heading off to geoffrey’s parents then on to immergent (church).we had great time playing some blues improv. it was sweet! when we got home that night geoffrey finished painting our bathroom and i started preparing for the beach the next day.

seamus was up this morning at 7am so i got up with him. we snuggled a bit, i watered the back yard then it was packing up for the beach. we got to the beach at about 11:30 where we met some of geoffrey’s family and our good friends, i mean great friends, the cherrys! it was great time at the beach. we stopped off at papa’s pizza before heading home. its always nice to drive along seawall blvd getting there.

we came home (after stopping twice for seamy to go potty), unpacked the truck, and washed off the sand and salt. kids watched a nature a show on pbs then were off to bed. talked to my dad in VT (vermont) for a bit and now sitting on the couch while my sunburnt husband is watching a show on pbs.


i hope the kids sleep in! would be nice if we all could but lay starts vbs tomorrow for the week so i’ve gotta be up and get us ready to leave and pack a lunch for geoffrey. it’s gonna busy week here with daddy working and attending his master gardener class. i hope the week goes by quick! his next full day of will be on our anniversary and we are spending the WHOLE day together..cannot wait!

oh…and one sad thing happened on this weekend. we lost a chicken. sad. the kids were sad and asked lots of questions but no tears. we are thinking it was the heat. it has been so H.O.T. here. we have had over 40 days of over 90 degree weather. last year this time we had about 30. sounds a hotter summer than last year here. the water was SO warm today. the breeze was kind of more refreshing than the water. warm waters in the gulf can be bad as far as hurricanes. and hurricanes this year are even more depressing to think about given the oil spill. i can’t believe how much the kids are talking about it, sharing their ideas about how to fix it, wondering if our beach will get oil… one day i bet we talked about it for 15 minutes! on saturday when we were driving home from immergent we noticed (which we often do) lots of birds/buzzards flying around the bp headquarters skyscrapers. we should have turned around a took a picture!

here’s to a busy week . i sure hope it goes quick.

off to bed.


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