7th anniversary

i love my husband so much and tomorrow we are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary! we get the whole day together thanks to his mom and a sweet babysitter. we are so excited and life has been rather busy lately so, it’s much needed.

i was just tweeting a bit ago remembering eating delicious borscht at our yummy rehearsal dinner. we ate many other delicious things but we all remember and loved the borscht.

the following day would be an unusual one. the day i married this guy i had been dating for the last 8 months. poor geoffrey. it was a rough road for him as i was deciding if he was really the one. thankfully my father assured him that once i made up my mind (and apparently he knew what that was!) there was no turning back and i would be good to go. and i was! πŸ™‚ pretty sure i was worth the trouble and distress i caused him. pretty sure.

after he proposed we were deciding on a date. it didn’t take us long and i wanted it that way. i wasn’t about to be engaged and not have a wedding date down. at first i thought about getting married in the fall. you see we got married in VT and VT and fall = foliage. we were planning on being married outside at my parent’s home and it sets on top a hill overlooking a valley…it would have been gorgeous. i could imagine what the pictures would look like! but, i didn’t want to wait that long. my soon to be father-in-law said ‘life is for the living not the pondering’ and we agreed! growing up we often watched the old muscial ‘oklahoma’ and i remember the song about getting married in june. ‘for they say when you marry in june…your a bride all your life’…yup, that’s what i wanted! june 28th was the date! we had about 3 months to plan the wedding.

that day came and it was gorgeous and rather hot. better than rain, so no complaints. we had friends who helped cater and someone was there roasting a pig. a perfect summer day to wed the man who i would spend my life with.

well, the day didn’t go so well but we made the best of it as we could. between family photos and eating a very dear friend of ours collapsed. thankfully there was actually an ER doctor and few seasoned nurses, one being an ER nurse at the wedding. because we lived in the country it felt like an eternity for the ambulance to arrive. he never regained consciousness and they took him away to the hospital about 25 minutes away. meanwhile they realized the pig was not cooked and after being put on the big grill it caught fire, and was ruined. we tried to move on from there and make the best we could of the rest of the celebration all the while not really knowing what had happened to our friend. later that evening before we left, the ER dr. came back and told us that he never regained consciousness. it was awful! we shed tears, people were praying, we hugged, we said goodbye. thankfully we knew our friend was now standing at the feet of his beloved jesus but it still hurt.

we were in shock that such a thing happened at our wedding. we would have rather that ring bearer passed out from the heat but, god chose otherwise and we rested in the fact he knew what he was doing.

7 years later we still think about our dear friend. we think about the day our lives started the journey of being husband and wife. the only thing i would change would be to marry geoffrey sooner!! we have gone through many things in this life and thankfully we’ve always gotten through. we have been so blessed and i could not live without geoffrey. he makes me a better person, he loves me, he challenges me, he cherishes me, and i HATE when he tickles me!

if i could fit in my wedding dress i would put it on tomorrow and kiss his face! he’ll just have to settle for the kiss. πŸ™‚

i am looking forward to the rest of the days that we have left to share in this life and thanking god for my husband of 7 years. if i’m blessed with another 7 x 7 years – that would be awesome!


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