a day of ‘firsts’ with my love!

yesterday geoffrey and i spent most of the day together for our anniversary. it was a great day and i was exhausted towards the end.

we enjoyed an iced latte at brasil coffee house. we’ve been wanting to go ever since our good friend, rollyvic raved about it! we sat out on the shady patio and talked. i was getting rather hungry so geoffrey took me to cyclone anaya’s where we had delicious ‘fine mex’. not tex-mex but ‘fine mex’.  yum-yum! we shared roasted duck empanadas & margaritas. i had succulent fish tacos served with a cilantro lime vinagrette that  came with rice and black bean soup. geoffrey had some slow roasted carnitas served with black bean creamed corn, cumin rice, fresh salsa verde and a spicy watermelon and jicama salad. deliciousness! geoffrey has known about this restaurant and really wanted to go. he knows a lot about restaurants.

after that we decided to go to a few consignment shops along westheimer. i got 2 shirts and pretty sure we’ll be going back. another thing i have always wanted to check out.

we drove by central market and had to go in! i’ve been wanting to go there and we were curious about they had to offer as far as organic/local produce. the store is huge and kinda reminds you of ikea. we found dr. pepper in the glass bottles made with sugar an bottled in plano, tx. yup, we drank those while browsing. pretty weird on our anniversary that we browsed through a grocery store and didn’t buy anything! HA!

the kids were with grammy (they went to see toy story 3 in 3D). we picked them up and headed back home. our neighbor came to watch the kids while geoffrey and i went off to meet friends at the melting pot. a fondue restaurant. we have been before and had a gift certificate to use up. our friends had never been. we had a great time even geoffrey complains about having to cook his own food…

back home and straight to bed. we were both exhausted! it was a great day spent with the man i married 7 years ago! we love experiences ‘firsts’ here in texas together and we sure did that yesterday!


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