more chickens, ‘yolky eggs’ & pesto

i was going to do the dishes – again, but decided i would write a blog instead.

yesterday was  a day running around and except for the early morning we all got to spend it together. geoffrey had an early morning appointment downtown but was home just after 8. seamus was in bed snuggling with me well, as much as he snuggles. he can’t lay still. geoffrey then joined us and he can snuggle mister! shortly after that lay came and joined us and seamus thought he needed more room…apparently he would prefer we had a king sized bed. 🙂 daddy was starting to fall asleep so we left him alone and he got some much needed rest.

before lunch we headed out to wabash feed store because geoffrey needed some iron for the raspberry plants that have been showing sings they need it. he also wanted to get 2 more chickens. he tweeted the yesterday, ‘chickens make me happy’. i love him! well, when we got to wabash they only had a few hens and some of them had been pecked at and were missing feathers. geoffrey is very particular about the chickens he buys. i had heard to employees talking about what the ‘ETA of the chickens’ was and joking that probably it was going to be when the rain started. i told geoffrey i heard them talking about getting more chickens today so he asked. they were expecting them in a few hours so we decided to come back.

we came back home and drove up highway 6 because i wanted to see how much water was there. we are in for more heavy rain these next few days and i like knowing how much water is standing along hwy 6 due to them damming up the addicks reservoir which is right behind our development. we learned during hurricane ike that they dam it up when necessary so downtown doesn’t flood. now that we have flood insurance it doesn’t really matter. its such a huge stress reliever when the heavy rains come and the water in our backyard continues to rise. (it does this without a hurricane or tropical storm) anyway, i like to know what going on around me when its stormy and rainy.

geoffrey had a job interview in the afternoon. (a doctor friend of his is opening a stand alone ER) at the last minute we decided we would all go with him and go back to wabash after he was done. we dropped him off and the kids and i killed some time in target looking around and checking out the toy section. lay’s birthday wishes continue to grow. geoffrey’s interview was short so we were back to get him in no time and on to get 2 more chickens. the dude caught 2 chickens and after geoffrey’s inspection and approval of them we were off. the thunder was rumbling and sky dark so of course the chickens, each in a cardboard box got to ride inside the truck. the two kids in the back seat didn’t complain!

now, these 2 new chickens better start laying eggs quick because we have been eating lots of eggs lately. seamus now enjoys his eggs ‘yolky’ like layla and daddy. he has been asking for them a lot lately. wakes up and wants ‘yolky’ eggs. ‘yolky’ eggs means they want them ‘over easy’. so proud of my babies (4 & 5) that they like their eggs ‘over easy’. i luv them so much! this morning when i was making eggs for seamus and i we got a double yolker and seamus that what was cool. both kids eat 2 eggs when we have them and so do geoffrey and i. (geoffrey thinks we should have gotten more chickens, ha!)

seeing we are more ‘flexitarian’ (eating much less meat but not a true vegetarian) we have been talking about all the foods that have protein like meat does. so, seamus has been telling/asking me that eggs have protein in them. luv him!

the other day i picked a bunch of basil that is growing so well. i was debating whether i should dry it or make pesto with it. i decided on the pesto…i mean now is the time for delicious fresh pesto so we’d better be taking advantage of it! there is a bunch more basil that needs picked so i will be drying more in the next few days and we can enjoy using it during the winter. for supper last night i mixed some of the pesto with red sauce and geoffrey and i enjoyed it over think spaghetti. so, So, SO delicious!! the kids just had red sauce although layla might have enjoyed the pesto red sauce. it wasn’t really safe for seamus given the pine nuts. (pine nuts were processed with peanuts and seamus has a peanut allergy) next time i should try making it without the pine nuts and see what a difference it makes. this morning i mixed some of the pesto with a bit of mayo and make geoffrey a delicious chicken pesto sandwich. he is off at master gardener class today.

it has already rained today and still dark and cloudy. while we wait for geoffrey to come (in the afternoon) we will probably do a craft, lay need to do some of her summer workbook, watch a movie and i should do a bit of cleaning and laundry. supper will be leftovers. i made black beans burgers with mango salsa 2 days ago so, geoffrey and i will finish those and the kids can finish the spaghetti. (layla loves her spaghetti!)

oh, and my son has been calling me, ‘cheeko’…gosh! i luv him SO much!


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