a few recipes

i can think of many things i could and probably should be doing…but i just have to share two great recipes from last week.

have you ever looked at the ingredient list on crackers? i do all the time. given seamus’ peanut allergy i’m always reading labels and am so amazed at the long list of ingredients for your simple whole wheat ritz cracker. buy a cracker with cheese and the list in longer. since i have been making hummus lately i have really wanted to try making homemade crackers. i can bake quite a bit of stuff so making cracker i knew would be easy. i was having trouble deciding which cracker recipe to try out. well, think liz shared one with me so i made them the other day. they were very yummy! the kids were eating them as fast as i was making them. and the ingredient list is much shorter. seamus was asking me ‘do you have any of those crackers you made”? i’ll be making these ‘olive oil crackers’ again. before i baked them ( and i didn’t cut them before i baked them, i broke them after they cooled) i topped them with a variety of things – sea salt, coarse ground black pepper, dried oregano, dried basil (from the garden) and i tried some freshly grated parmesan reggiano cheese but that didn’t work so good. it fell off as did some of the herbs. i would rather waste some S & P and dried herbs and delicious freshly grated parmesan reggiano cheese.  geoffrey loved the crackers. he and i paired ours with the kalamata olive hummus i made. he shared a few crackers with co-workers and they wanted to know when i was making more. check out  the cracker recipe here. (a pasta machine would have been rather handy. oh well, i’m getting lots of good practice with the rolling pin! 🙂 )

let’s see…what else did i make. oh, yes…the summer squash enchiladas! boy i wish we had planted some summer squash. next year’s spring/summer garden will need much more planning. i follow this blog and check it out now and then. when i saw the recipe for summer squash enchiladas i knew i was going to have to try them. our ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle (not a vegetarians but cutting out lots of meat in our diet) needs a good recipe like this. we love us some delicious enchiladas but, until this recipe i had never seen a recipe for enchiladas that didn’t call for meat. i mean i know there is always a delicious cheese enchilada but i want a more filling and healthy recipe. i didn’t have all the different peppers she calls for in this recipe but i just winged it using what i had around. i also decided to add in some baby lima beans with the squash filling which was such a superb idea. geoffrey absolutely loved them! there will be more summer squash enchiladas in this house.


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