well, haven’t been so good with the blogging. i’ve been rather busy. we are leaving wednesday am for VT! (the state next to NY) my whole family is there. we haven’t seen them in 15 months – well, and that is just TOO long! we are SO looking forward to going. the kids and i will be there for 3 weeks and geoffrey for 2. i’ve never packed to be gone so long. let’s see…there will be a wedding, a road trip to western NY (to see more family), hikes up the mountian, visits to the pond, lots of playing outside for the kids, swimming…did i mention i’m also packing not only for myself & my husband but also for our two kids (4 and soon to be 6)! oh, and a birthday party for our baby girl while we are there!


geoffrey has had a rather rough schedule the past few months and is finishing up his harris county master gardener class tomorrow! its kept him rather busy but he is so thrilled to have the opportunity to take the class. he has learned so much. so…we are ALL looking forward to being away and together for 2 weeks. no work. no classes. just nice fresh vermont mountain air.

today i baked some spinach enchiladas & cheese/bean enchiladas that are in the freezer so geoffrey has yummy food to eat until the kids and i return.

we had a rather busy weekend. geoffrey was off saturday and sunday which was wonderful. lay and i ran some errands and necessary shopping for our trip. i cleaned. geoffrey and seamus ran to home depot and took care of a few things around the house. around 3 or so we headed to grammy and tata’s for a bit of an early birthday celebration before immergent. the kids stayed with grammy while geoffrey, his dad i went to immergent and shared a great time with friends. on the way back to get the kids it was raining SO hard. we hung around for a bit until the storm passed then headed home.

sunday geoffrey did more things around the house. i cleaned and packed some. around 1 pm geoffrey and i headed out to meet up with his parents for the screening of FRESH. did you ever seen food. inc.? if you haven’t seen either i would highly reccomend both. ‘food, inc.‘ has been airing on pbs now and then. (you can also rent food inc from amazon). after we went out for supper with geoffrey’s parents and then headed home.

today has been laundry, packing, baking and now watching a movie with the kids. i luv them so much! they are very excited about our trip and have been helping me pack a bit.


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