lead me

one day recently while we were driving around houston in the truck talking, geoffrey heard this song on the radio and mentioned to me he had recently heard it. it was at  the end and i didn’t hear much so, i made a note in my blackberry with the title and who i thought the artist was. (come to find out i was wrong and lots of searching online led me in the right direction)

sanctus real has yet to disappoint me in their music. this song, ‘lead me’ is sure to move you. if you are married or engaged please listen.

i am thankful, beyond words, for the man that i have married. always leading. always thinking of the kids and myself first. fighting for what’s right. always aspiring to be the man god desires. geoffrey, i love you more than when i kissed you goodbye this morning! i’ll always be at your side through the good and the bad  times.


(as i was listening to it i realized there must be a story behind these lyrics and i found it here.)

p.s. – i love the song, ‘forgiven’ by sanctus real. take a listen to it here.


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