french baguettes

earlier today i wanted to make up some french bread to go with supper we were going to have at geoffrey’s parents. i had a bag of white bread flour that’s been in the cupboard. (i really hate using all white flour. i also don’t usually buy bread flour.) in my search on i found this recipe for ‘french baguettes‘. it should have took a picture because it was picture perfect, if i may say. the texture was wonderful too.

the temp hit 101 here today with a heat index of 110 or more so the garage was a perfect place to let the dough rise! it went perfectly with the sauce that cooked in the crock-pot all day, pasta and salad. i was so proud of myself too. i only had one serving of pasta, 1 PIECE OF BREAD and 2 helpings of salad!

a perfect ending to lay’s first day of school…it’s her favorite meal! she reports she had a very good day!


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