kitchen inc. and drip irrigation

last sunday geoffrey and went to the open kitchen at kitchen inc. in downtown houston. it is located near minute maid park (home of the houston astros).

the girl who owns this new commercial kitchen can’t be much older than geoffrey and i. her boyfriend was there helping. they both were great. they answered a ton of questions, offered lots of information, were very approachable and very excited about this new endeavor. its taken her two years to get to this point and she said she hoped to be open and ready for business in a week or two.

the space was made up of a standard kitchen (i.e. if you had a catering job to cook for or maybe canning you would want this kitchen. there was a shared area of racks for putting supplies, meat slicer, 10 quart stand mixer and a few other things. there was also the bakery kitchen complete with all you would need to make a bunch of delicious baked goods! the last kitchen was a small cold kitchen. a place for people to do finishing/delicate work on candies/pasteries/etc. there was a walk in freezer and a walk-in refrigerator. there was dishwashing station as well.

the owner used to live in NYC and was working in banking/stocking…something along that line and she was sick of the life and left. her boyfriend said she has always been an excellent cook and along her journey of figuring our how to make a living at that she soon realized if she was going to sell her food it needed to me made in a commercial kitchen and she didn’t have one of those! so, she’s opening her own to be rented out. in the coming months there will be a cafe as well where people can sell food they have been making in these kitchens. pretty cool.

the kitchens were rather intimidating! i need some lessons on how to use all that equipment in that bakery kitchen!

after finding our some information there about liability insurance and the cost of that…plus the cost of the better process school i think we have decided to save for a year for these more costly requirements. we are going to focus on growing a good crop of veggies this fall/winter and in the spring/summer. its a learning process to get a high yield.

the first step was drip irrigation. since we had built all the raised beds and they were filled with soil/compost/sand – drip irrigation was the next step! geoffrey and i worked together on that. i still need to go back to home depot for a few more supplies. (geoffrey is jealous about how many times i have been to home depot this week! 🙂 )

drip irrigation makes a world of difference so, we shall see. a slow drip of water over an hour or two is so much better for the plant than just turing on the hose or emptying your watering can on it. the plant doesn’t have time to soak up all that water.

so far we have planted 4 tomato plants (started with 6 but 2 died right away), 3 broccoli plants and 3 cauliflower plants. geoffrey has a bunch of seeds on order and some row cover to cover the the tomato plants. its part of the process to help us get a high yield from them. i am really hoping to can a bunch of tomatoes! trying not to put too much pressure on geoffrey 🙂


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