well…sigh…i have no idea what to title this blog. i think you’ll see why.

life has been different around here and i just haven’t had it in me to do much blogging. geoffrey and i just haven’t been getting good sleep. both had a busy week last week. parts of it rather stressful. our lack of good sleep has been catching up with us. really hoping we snap out of it soon.

i’ve also had a hard time knowing that seamus was going to be starting pre-school. i thought it was going to be ok with it but…not so much. those of you who know us know that seamus has a severe peanut allergy that we’ve been living with since he was 1. having to turn over his care to strangers is something this mommy is really having a hard time with. i have faith in his teachers but still…it’s not that easy for a mommy. well, today was suppose to be the day he started. he didn’t go.

we have been having a bit of trouble with our truck and starting. well, last night seeing i hadn’t driven it in over 24 hours geoffrey went out to make sure it would start. the battery needed a jump over the weekend. it took a bit but it started. before we were going to bed about 10:30pm i suggested maybe we should back into the garage in case it needed a jump in the am. today was suppose to be a busy day. he had to work early. i had to get lay to school by 8:20 then seamus to his first day of pre-k by 9:30. back to get seamus at 2:30 then to get lay at 3:40. well, he went out to turn it around and it wouldn’t start. walmart is open 24 hours so he decided to pick up a battery and put it in. well, when he got there and started looking there was no listing for a battery for our 2007 1500 silverado truck. all sales were final so, he came back home and looked online with no luck. so, he ended up pushing the truck to the street and jumping it with the car. on his own. crazy man!

by this time it was after 11:30pm when i came out to check on him and he told me all the above! he doesn’t know for sure if it’s the alternator or the battery. we went through many plans about what to do. final plan at 1 am was he was going to take it to work so i could have the car that would start at my many stops i needed to do today. if he needed a jump when we leaves work at 7pm we’ll figure it out then. thankfully o’reilly’s is open until 10pm and he  can take it there to have both battery and alternator checked. geoffrey can install both. praying it’s the battery cause that’s the easy fix. please lord let it just be the battery. (the truck only has barely 60,000 miles)

whew…1am and we had a plan in place. 5 mins later seamus comes in our room. he had been coughing off and on since we put him to bed. i spent the rest of the night with him in our bed – him coughing, tossing and turning, needing his nose blown, help finding his tissue…all. night. long. poor boy! poor mommy! and poor geoffrey went out to sleep on the couch. he didn’t get much sleep and was up by 6am. not knowing if he would need to jump the truck. he said it was pouring when we got up but luckily he didn’t have to jump it.

layla slept through the whole night. she of course was talking about seamus going to school but i told her i didn’t think he was going to go because he had been up all night coughing and wasn’t feeling good. she was sad for him. then he said he really wanted to go to school. i was torn about what to do with him. he has been laying on on the couch for over and hour…this never happens! i know he has to be so tired! so, i just couldn’t send him tired, with a dose benadryl, coughing and sniffing. so, i’m praying he falls asleep on the couch watching pbs kids and rests his precious little body. i just love him so!

right now i must start making bread. if i am lucky he will fall asleep while it’s rising and maybe…just maybe…i can get a cat nap?

we shall see…

thankful i didn’t have to do the whole sending him to pre-school for the first time today. it gets pushed to thursday. a few more days of doing what i do. protecting him 24/7. then the hard part of letting him go…


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