peanut free snacks/foods

just a took a trip alone to the grocery store to scope out peanut free snacks/foods. our son seamus (4) has a severe peanut allergy and starts preschool next week. (missed last week cause he was sick.) parents have been asking the teachers for a list of peanut free snacks so they can pack their kids lunches accordingly. no peanut products are allowed in seamus’ classroom. (they eat lunch while at preschool and eat in their classroom.)

one of the teachers asked if i could make a list of safe, peanut free snacks to post and give to the parents. i started a list but realized i really needed a trip to the grocery store. there are many safe snacks/foods that we just don’t eat and without a trip the grocery store the list would have been rather small. we limit our intake of processed foods.

while i was there i found many interesting things! i should have brought my camera. first of all did you know that ritz now has a brown sugar cinnamon cracker? and i think it was jello pudding makes a cinnamon roll pudding? ewwww… oh, and i forget what brand of animal crackers it was but i saw a animal breakfast cookie/cracker – it contained pomegranates. hmmm…put fruit pieces in a animal cracker and label it a breakfast food. interesting. sun chips now makes a 100% compostable bag. that’s cool. they also make sunflower chips. i didn’t know that. but, they were processed with peanuts. they had original and an aged cheddar. i was tempted.

so, below is the list i came up with.


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  1. leslie said,

    September 12, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    can you please print this so I can post at 3205 INC… (Ha…love that name, but it is not gonna fly with Canvas….Owell) Chris has asked for a safe list for the new building also….love you…YOU ARE A STELLAR MOM!!

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