geoffrey is still on his quest to find us some land. he really wants more of these…

…a lot more. well, more of these to lay eggs but also wants to raise meat birds. live of the land. can’t come quick enough. look at our tomato plants…

i’m getting excited! while still looking for land we are doing our best to grow as much food in our backyard as we can. the broccoli and cauliflower plants are doing well too. carrot seeds are in and waiting for them to germinate. geoffrey is off today and i think he is going to do more seed planting. his order came the other day with all his seeds and the row cover for the tomatoes. i have already seen some leaves that have been eaten. part of the process to harvesting a good tomato crop is covering the plants. we probably should have already done it. keeping insects/bugs off the plants while they are young is important. geoffrey has also been faithful with the micro-life fertilizer and foliar feeding as well. that means he actually sprays the leaves with another fertilizer (with a fish emulsiom and seaweed extract). it’s all part of the process. he is the master gardener and following instructions from the pros down here. i just water plants that don’t have the drip irrigation, take care of the chickens and do what i’m asked now and then when he can’t get to it. he’s the boss man. i’m just glad to be his helper.

the search for land is a challenge and one he knew wouldn’t happen quickly. he is hoping to talk to our neighbor who is a real estate agent and see if he can help. geoffrey has contacted some people leasing land through craig’s list. good ole craig’s list – ha! it’ll be a challenge to find some land we can afford that isn’t too far. he is off today and i wouldn’t be surprised if he says to me, ‘wanna take a drive?’ (and scope out some possibilities)

we shall see.


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