new additions…to the backyard family

well, geoffrey has done it. found two chickens he just can’t live without! 🙂 some how, all i know is it must have involved good ‘ole google, he found someone’s blog and come to find out they sell chickens. and not just any chickens. he’s been secretly trying to get his hands on an easter egger chicken. well, he found someone willing to sell an easter egger who lives in el campo, tx which is about an hour south of us. she sent this picture of her – her name is tillie and she should start laying blue eggs soon.

sweet pea, the woman with the blog, also sent pictures of other chickens she would sell. so, apparently we are also getting this maran chicken named gertrude. she too should start laying soon and will lay dark chocolate brown eggs.

so, our little backyard chicken family will be 3 rhode island reds, 1 easter egger, and 1 maran. i think that’s plenty for our suburban back yard. 🙂 maybe, just maybe we won’t need to buy eggs when they all are laying for us. geoffrey was lucky this morning. there was only 1 egg in the fridge this morning so i went out to check and see any of the chickens laid an egg first thing morning. they did. he was in luck and got his two eggs with toast before work.

so, apparently tomorrow we are taking a drive to el campo to pick up two chickens! today i am going to a soap making class. one of the vendors who comes to a big farmer’s market in the city is doing a class on soap making so i’m going to go take that this afternoon. i’ll blog about it later. i’m looking forward to it. layla said to me, ‘you are going to learn how to make like bar soap? so we don’t keeping having to buy it?’ i luv her!!


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