mashed potatoes

so, i think i have blogged before about making mashed potatoes. i make them so rarely so when i make them layla is ecstatic! i told her i was going to make them and she asked…’and gravy too?’ that girl…

so, i wash my yummy local (sugarland, tx) red potatoes, cut them in chunks and boil away. after poking them to see if they were done i brought them to the sink and poured out the water. i was thinking how yummy they were going to be after i whipped them in the kitchen aid. i took off the cover and noticed the skins were still on. duh, renee….you are suppose to peel them! ha! i wasn’t real worried about it and i would prefer them that way anyway but, i thought for sure the kids would have a fit seeing and eating pieces of skin.

neither of them said a word and we all enjoyed them!

someday, maybe someday i will get the mashed potato process down correctly. (the last i time i made them months ago i had to stop and actually think of the process. i was laughing at myself.)

you see, we don’t eat potatoes often. just carbs we can live without hence, the reason i keep forgetting how to make lay’s beloved mashed potatoes! 🙂


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  1. MomZup said,

    September 25, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    Back in the day, I think I used to make mashed potatoes at least 3 nights a week and usually for Sunday dinner! They are an absolute Tate favorite so I understand Layla’s excitement. For our family I almost always did a 5 pound bag of potatoes. I used to holler for the kids and ask all 5 of them to come and each wash and peel 3 potatoes. That was usually the amount in a bag! While they did that I got the pan of water ready and voila. . .mashed potatoes! One of the first holidays I had to work in the ER Barry was home and fixed the turkey dinner. When I talked to him later and asked him how it had gone he said, “well, it was okay, but the mashed potatoes were really lumpy! not smooth like when you make them.” He told me he did not understand how I mashed them without burning my hands. Turns out he was mashing the potatoes with the pastry blender not the potato masher! Another life lesson learned by BJT. By the way I made wonderful mashed potatoes today to heat up tomorrow. They have cream cheese with chives and sour cream in them. . .yummmmmmmmm!

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