soap making class

well, yesterday afternoon i went to a soap making class through leisure learning unlimited. the class was given by tammy kocurek from  proverbs farm and soap shoppe.  i did a little online research about soap making and was feeling a bit overwhelmed. geoffrey happened to find about the class. i’m so glad he encouraged me to go. i now feel confident i could make soap, once i find and gather the supplies needed. my biggest concern was using lye, which if not handled properly can cause serious injury. watching someone actually go through the process of making soap and giving instruction and tips along the way was great.

there were 8 of us in the class. the dude beside, who had the definition of music tattooed on his forearm barely said two words. i should have asked him why he was there but i had too many questions and was paying attention like a good student. while mostly everyone else went to the vending machines for a soda i stayed and watched and asked questions.

so, i’ll start collecting the necessary things i need to start soap making and give it a whirl. i would like to be able to make an all natural, moisturizing soap for our kids. their skin would benefit from that i hope. hopefully we can have less eczema flare ups! i learned at the dermatologist that just because the soap you buy in the store says ‘fragrance free’ it doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain ‘fragrances’. i’ll be happy when we can move away from all that  synthetic stuff. so, i am anxious to try making some all natural soap as soon as i can get the supplies i need.

the instructor gave us a recipe for a soap that we could probably make using supplies we could find at various stores around. there will be items i’ll probably want to order online, especially if i want to keep making it. buying stuff in bulk will save money. we’ll see. i’ll need to start doing some research.

she gave us a long list of resources that i would be happy to share if anyone would like.


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