chicken update

tonight all five chickens are snug in the coop. we have planned on that happening the past two nights since bringing home tillie and gertrude. monday night it was really nice out so we were all in the backyard. kid were playing around. geoffrey and at the patio table watching the kids and the new chickens. these two birds…

tillie is in the front. gertrude in the back.

seamus and i went in the house so he could get a shower before bed. i didn’t know it but as soon as he and i went in tillie and gertrude starting hopping up into the vitex tree in the backyard to roost. geoffrey tried to get them but they took off and he and lay were trying to catch them so they could put them in the coop with the rhode island reds (who go in every night at sundown and roost). well, apparently these two new chickens are used to roosting in the trees?

geoffrey and layla just couldn’t get tillie and two hops later she was in the big oak tree. its in the corner of our yard by the fence. the part of the fence where 4 yard meet. we were worried she wouldn’t get back to our yard in the am. so, we hoped for the best and prayed she would come back. if she landed in someone else’s yard it would not good!

geoffrey of course had to be to work early in the morning and would have to leave before first light when the chickens wake up. i had lunches to make, two kids to get off to school at different times and now a chicken in a tree that i was praying would not go into a neighbor’s  yard.

thankfully she hopped out of the tree and fluttered into our yard barley clearing the fence. sigh… watching a chicken get out of a tree is not the kind of thing i want to add to my things to do first thing in the a.m.

second night geoffrey was coming home just after 7pm so we thought we could do our best to catch tillie before she went to roost. i knew seamus and i weren’t gonna catch her on our own during the day. well, before we could anything about it…up the tree she went! sigh…

so, this morning again i watched a chicken dance around the branch deciding the best way to get down. literally this takes about 5 minutes. if i don’t watch her and don’t find her in the yard how will i know who’s yard she went in? so i wait. i watch. and pray she comes down. she does again. so glad god answers prayers about chickens.

before  geoffrey went to work today, seamus and i chased her around the yard and finally caught her. tillie and gertrude were in the coop today and will be for a few days so they can learn that’s where they roost! the smith chickens don’t roost in trees that over hang other people’s yards! they will learn. and, if in a few days when we let them out tillie hops in the tree again to roost? well, then we just might have to sell her or give her back.

so, that’s the latest update from 1930 pepperwood lane about the chickens.


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