whoopie pies

who out there has no clue what a whoopie pie is? lots of people here in houston have no idea what they are. growing up it was a family favorite. i have been wanting to make them. one day i went to make them but was out of cocoa – rats! well, last night was the night baby and oh boy were they deeeeee-licious! ( here’s what they look like.. )

they are heavenly. that’s not the recipe i used but it’s pretty darn close.

funny story about whoppie pies. the night i went to make them last week or so but discovered i was out of cocoa i decided the had the stuff on hand to make pumpkin whoopie pies, also super delicious. i whipped them up. at first lay was so turned off by the pumpkin. yeah, well, she ate one and decided she liked them. seamus tried a bit but did not like the smell of them! he got a piece of the cookie part in one of his toys and refused to play with it cause it smelled like ‘whoopie pies’! ha! so, after i made (the chocolate) whoopie pies i brought them each one. lay was so excited. at first seamus was. then he started whining and said ‘are these whoppie pies?’. he said he didn’t want one cause they were ‘stinky’…hahahaaa! silly, silly boy. i assured him they were different ones and i promised him he would love them. and guess what…i was right! he wanted another one but i told him no. i told them when they came home from school tomorrow they could have another. ‘but that’s too long!’ seamus whined!

i haven’t made whoopie pies in well over a year i bet. they were a delicious treat.


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