photo books

i’m behind making photos books for the kids each year. of course i started when lay was little and then..well…i wasn’t so diligent about it.

i know lots of places like shutterfly, walmart, walgreens, picaboo have sales off and on for photo books (and other photo deals as well). i try to watch for them. but the other day i decided to google and look for coupon codes at each place specifically. the last few times i have looked i have found codes worthy of using. so, i’m going to try hard to budget for doing them and when i find a good code to use it! i am NOT a scrap booker. and i don’t print out hundreds of photo and place in photo books. it takes a bit of time to select, upload and organize the photos from a year but its worth it. they will last forever…no yellowing like those old photo albums at your mom’s house. and, the kids love them!

so, here’s to being better about getting the photo books done…

p.s. – i used picaboo for the first time and i loved it!! so easy to use. it made a photo book from our trip to VT.


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  1. October 4, 2010 at 2:01 am

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