a few things i’ve learned

there are many things in this life i have learned but i wanted to share a few that i have learned the fast few days.

first of all, some of you might know i decided to take a whack at baking hard pretzels. well, it’s quite the process. they turned out super crunchy. too crunchy for the kids, who i made them for. i ended up throwing them away because i don’t want geoffrey or i to break a tooth on one. that’s the last thing we need. i probably should have watched them better at the end. i was chatting with mom and should have stopped to watch them the last few minutes. if you are interested in taking a whack at trying them, this is the recipe i used.

i think i’ll try soft pretzels next.

second – i have been baking bread. i probably haven’t bought bread in 2 months or so. i’ve been noticing in some recipes that i have been researching that often time the recipe calls for you to dissolve the yeast in your warm water and let it sit about 5-10 minutes until its foamy. i tried this once but i didn’t get any foam. then i read that adding sugar to your yeast/water mixture helps get the yeast ‘activated’? so, when i bread today i decided to add some of the sugar to the yeast/water mixture and it foamed right up. interesting. now, exactly what the benefit of it foaming bring i do not know. i didn’t notice any difference in my bread this time. although i haven’t cut it yet. i have been doing very good and haven’t been cutting into a warm loaf of bread. its a killer for me!

now, the best thing i learned was about turmeric. yes, turmeric. that spice you don’t use often. well, i follow the pioneer woman cooks blog and she is often posting delicious, bad, bad recipes…like her sweet rolls that made me drool and desire to sink my teeth into some. i am still surprised at myself that i didn’t make any sweet rolls. well, the other day she posted a delicious roasted minestrone soup recipe. oh boy, it looks yummy. well, today i decided to whip up a soup with stuff i had around. i added turmeric and oh boy…it is heavenly and such a great touch! thanks ree!

what was in my soup you ask?

well, i diced up a yellow onion, probably 3-4 carrots and 3 celery stocks with some leaves.

i pressed about 3 cloves of garlic.

sauteed the above in olive oil.

then i added water and starting working a broth. i did add some chicken broth granules. i like to move away from that. i added sea salt, black pepper, little dried basil and orgeano and…turmeric.

i also added some frozen lima beans i had and a few handfuls of red quinoa.

i had leftover roasted eggplant and portobella mushrooms in the fridge so i chopped them up and added last.

the result was very delicious. now i am trying to decide if i should go in and whip up some 1-2-3-4 biscuits…


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